Sandia Internship

In the summer of 2019, I interned at Sandia National Labs. I was part of an team competing in the NWSPRINT program to design and qualify a metal component fabricated with additive manufacturing. As you can imagine, the level of inspection a part must undergo before being implemented on a system like a nuclear weapon is quite high, so we wanted to reduce the amount of time for this process while maintaing safety standards.

My team was fantastic, and I really enjoyed the Sandia work environment. The lab is full of experts in various fields, and they were enthusiastic about working with my team to offer advice and help us run various experiments. I can't share much about the technical aspects of our design or qualification proposal since it is technically classified. However, I'm proud to announce that we won 1st place out of three teams!

1st Place Team!

I was also a big fan of living in Albuquerque. It was easy to get out of the city and go hiking, something that's hard to do in Austin. This internship also ended up being a great transition into grad school back at UT, where I've joined the Nuclear Robotics Group to research throughout my Master's.