3D Printer

I have a Prusa i3 mk2 printer in my apartment, which is a complete workhorse. To date, it has printed over 46 kilometers of filament! I've used it to make projects of my own design, countless parts for friends, and even parts for strangers on the internet if I'm running low on money.

3d-printed bike lock adapter 3d-printed bulbasaur planter 3d-printed hanging pot 3d-printed headphone mount

I also made a vertical Surface stand while writing my thesis to read and reference papers easier. It snaps into the back of my desk and is more rigid than my actual monitor!

Surface vertical stand Surface vertical stand close-up

Another thing I designed and 3D printed is this dice box. 5 rotating rings select the chosen code (in this case the first 5 digits of π). When the code is correct, the inner cylinder holding the dice can be removed. Once it's opened, the rings can be altered to change the code.

Dice Cryptex GIF

You can find some of my designs here. Almost everything on this website has used 3d printing for some part of the fabrication.